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FAMIGLIA $30 per person
this option is perfect for a family get togheter and casual dinner with friends, served family style in sharing platters, is a great choice if you like to try all the best pizza combos of Botto Bistro and enjoy your favorite Italian pasta.
Cesar salad- house creamy parmigiano dressing
Pizza-Sample of our pizza combos, homemade sausage, peperoni, fresh mozzarella, homemade meatballs, Calabria peperoncini, San Marzano tomato, mushroom seasonal veggies and more.
Pasta-Fettuccine Alfredo creamy parmigiano with grilled chicken and penne house meat sauce Bolognese
Dessert-Homemade gelato chocolate & vanilla

RIBOTTA $50 per person
this option offer a full 4 courses meal and will be prepare from scratch according to your requests.
A mix of appetizers for the tables, salad, choice of main course and homemade dessert.
Appetizers-Mix of Tuscan bruschette, beef carpaccio with Parmigiano & arugula, braised Cannellini beans with shrimps and sage
Salad-Organic mix green and arugula, roasted beets, caramelized onion, feta cheese, house balsamic
Entree-Choices: Roasted red snapper filet capers, olives, garlic, San marzano tomato-wine sauce
Risotto with fresh porcini mushrooms, taleggio cheese, shallots, sage and Parmigiano
Chicken rolls filled with prosciutto and fontina cheese with creamy Marsala-sage sauce
Homemade meat lasagna, creamy bechamelle sauce
Dessert-Homemade tiramisu' or Sicilian Cannoli  

CENONE $70 per person
this option includes your choice of our best dishes, homemade pastas, gnocchi, ravioli of any kind, fresh seafood, game etc. This option is the best opportunity for you and your guests to enjoy the most authentic Tuscan dinner, we can help you to create the perfect menu for a fabulos meal.
Appetizers-Fried zucchini blossom filled with Crescenza cheese & aioli, lamb & mint meatballs roasted with San Marzano tomato and Taleggio cheese, braised Mediterranean musssels with garbanzo and hot peperoncini calabresi, homemade flat bread 'schiacciata' Tuscan olive oil.
Salad-Baby spinach, fresh pears, Pecorino Toscano cheese, toasted almonds, balsamic-honey
Entree-Choices: Homemade Tuscan pappardelle pasta with braised wild boar, juniper berries balsamic, rosemary, Castelvetrano olives.
Homemade lobster ravioli with creamy saffron-lemon sauce and fresh clams
Roasted sea bass filet flambe' brandy sauce, cherry heirloom tomato, asparagus, shallots
Slowly braised short ribs red wine reduction sauce, scallopped potato.
Dessert-Homemade fresh ricotta "Tortino" with hezelnut chocolate cream or homemade Mascarpone gelato with fresh berries

BUONGUSTO $90 per person
The Buongusto includes all the 'Cenone' options plus a cooking class/demos.
Our cooking classes are always sold out a year in advance. We love to share our secrets and show you how to prepare the most authentic Tuscan dishes. Our cooking classes are Botto's most successful events and we are certain that you and your guest will enjoy the food and the show.


Q. During the event is the restaurant open to the general public?
A. No the restaurant will be closed to the public, we are only open for your private event.

Q. Do the prices listed include taxes and gratuity?
A. No taxes and 20% gratuity are in addition to the prices

Q. About drinks, can we bring our wine to the party?
A. No we do not allow anything from outside, we have an extended wine  list with bottle starting from $28,
8 beer on draft and huge selection of soft drinks and coffee drinks.

Q. What's the minimum number of guests for booking your venue?
A. The minimum payment required is for 30 guests

Q. Is a deposit required to book a private event? And is it refundable?
A. Yes a full payment is required for booking with us. Payments are also not refundable.
We are not responsable for any cancelation or change of plans occurring to you or your guests.
Make sure you have set the date and the exact number of your guests before you book with us.

Q. What if i book for 35 guests and only 30 show up?
A. We are not responsable for no show or any inconvenience happened to your guests.
You still will be charge for 35 guests.

Q. Some guests are vegetarian/ vegan or in a special diet, what can you do?
A. We can do amazing things, we can accomodate and create a special dinner for them, they'll be happy
Make sure to let us know when we create the menu for your party.

Q. What if we have some extra guests showing up last minute? Can you make food for them?
A. Of course we can, we probably not be able to give many choices as the restaurant opened for your party only
but we can certainly make sure they are all taking care of.

Q. For what time can I book the restaurant? And is it only on sundays?
A. Yes we only offer sundays for private party, but we can certainly check availability for other days.
The time available are lunch 12pm to 4pm or dinner 4pm to 8pm

Q. Do children pay full price?
A. Children up to 10 years old pay half price and we can also prepare a special dinner for them.

Q. Can we bring our own dessert/ cake?
A. Yes, we have a cake fee of $2.75 per person

Q. We would do like to hire a musician or a singer for our event is it ok?
A. Absolutely! We had so many great performer at Botto, accordian player, singers, dancers, we also can
give you some reccmandation if you like. Also we will take care of their meal.



Chef Michele was born in Firenze, specialized in Florentine cuisine and traditional regional recipes.
A master, pasta maker he also owned the famous pasta company "Fiorentini", serving many of the major
restaurant in the San Francisco Bay area.
Gnocchi, pappardelle, ravioli and agnellotti are some of his specialty. Antipasti fiorentini such as crostini,
ciccioli, trippa and lampredotto. Ossobuco, lasagne, cannelloni and all the variety of game and meats most
popular in Florence.

Chef Davide was born in Livorno specialized in fresh bread baking, focacce and pane toscano. His specialty are seafoods plates and risotti. Lobsters, sea urchin, Triglie, branzino and all the most typical Mediterranean plate.
Also specialized in game such as wild boar, venison, lamb and pheasant.

We offer four basic options for your private event,
FAMIGLIA (Family style Italian comfort food)
RIBOTTA (4courses classic Italian)
CENONE (4 courses traditional Tuscan)
BUONGUSTO (4 Courses with cooking class)

Below are few samples of each option offered for your private event.
We are specialized in traditional Tuscan food from Firenze and Livorno, we can accomodate all your requests about Italian food.
Most FAQ are answered at the end of this page.

Botto Bistro is available for private parties every sunday
you can now book our venue for lunch 12pm to 4pm or dinner 4pm to 8pm

We offer from family style options with pizza, pasta ,classic Italian comfort food starting at $30 per person to traditional Tuscan dinner with private cooking classes and demos for large group up to 40 guests.
We offer Instructional cooking classes for small groups. Class can be customized to include specific cilinary thecniques, traditional Tuscan cuisine as well as basic to advance culinary skills