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Chef Michele was born in Firenze, specialized in Florentine cuisine and traditional regional recipes. A master, pasta maker he also owned the famous pasta company "Fiorentini", serving many of the major restaurant in the San Francisco Bay area. Gnocchi, pappardelle, ravioli and agnellotti are some of his specialty. Antipasti fiorentini such as crostini, ciccioli, trippa and lampredotto. Ossobuco, lasagne, cannelloni and all the variety of game and meats most popular in Florence.

Chef Davide was born in Livorno specialized in fresh bread baking, focacce and pane toscano. His specialty are seafoods plates and risotti. Lobsters, sea urchin, Triglie, branzino and all the most typical Mediterranean plate. Also specialized in game such as wild boar, venison, lamb and pheasant.

Class - demonstration 4 course Traditional Tuscan recipes
$87 prepaid- each person (minumum 10 people)

Dinner-private dinner preparation for a minimum of 6 guests, included food, service and cleaning
$150 prepaid-each person

A customized menu will be set according to your requests,
we cover most of any kind of seafood, meats, game, poultry
and organic vegetables, we base our menu on the freshest ingredients available at the market.

For special request of more particular and exotic ingredients we
wll refer to the market price

Instructional cooking classes for small groups. Class can be customized to include specific cilinary thecniques, traditional Tuscan cuisine as well as basic to advance culinary skills

Planning a private special dinner with your private Tuscan chef. An elegant impressive dinner all prepared right in your kitchen.
Relax and enjoy your guests in the comfort of your home and let our chef prepare and serve dinner for you.

Available for your private dinner
or for a small group exclusive cooking class
A life time of Tuscan cooking experience at your service.