Botto Bistro has been sold to Mountain Mike's Pizza

We would like to thank Yelp for being so stupid and arrogant that they tried to extort the Italians. In doing so they allowed us to have fun, increase our business and our popularity, troll them for the last 6 years, sell our place at a profit, and forge a new career that took us all over the world exposing them for the idiots they are. 

Botto Bistro became an inspirational symbol for many restaurants and small business owners around America, who now refuse to advertize with Yelp despite the pressure and the blackmailing. I, Chef Davide Cerretini, have been featured in a docu-film about Yelp, appeared on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, and have been interviewed by all major media outlets in the country, including Time magazine, USA Today, NY Times, MSNBC etc. The world had a big laugh and Yelp's credibility found its place in the toilet.

In 2014 I started the Hate Us On Yelp campaign and turned the tables on one of the most hated enterprises in America. At the time, Yelp's CEO Jeremy Stoppelman was sitting on a 3 digit stock on Wall Street. Today the king's stock is worth no more than a small cheese pizza.

Last time we heard from a Yelp big shot they said, and I quote: "Cerretini gives himself too much credit", which translates in Italian as "Cerretini screwed us pretty badly", I can't hide my satisfaction at seeing the venom spewing out their mouth every time they mention my name. Priceless, to say the least.

Knowing that the Yelp CEO's ego is definitely bigger than his balls means it's unlikely he's going to take his loss and get the point. And also knowing how Italian I am, it's unlikely I'm going to let him off the hook. So obviously this thing is not over, and this website stays up!
Chef Davide Cerretini on The Daily Show
Chef Davide Cerretini Anti-Yelp Campaign