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Let our chefs do the hard work!
Per person

3 course meal
demonstrated by our chefs and served to you

What's happening at Botto this month?
Botto is an authentic Italian bistro created by two chefs from Tuscany.
The only real Florentine trattoria in the Bay Area!
Executive chefs Davide Cerretini and Michele Massimo


Exlusive private dinners and
demonstrations in your home

We offer private cooking demonstrations, or we simply cook the most incredible Tuscan dinner for you and your guests, all in your own kitchen. Impress your guests with an elegant and authentic dinner prepared and served right in your home by Chef Davide or Chef Michele.
We, the Italians of Botto Bistro, are the ones who gave the most epic f*ck you to Yelp in their history. We are proud to show you our achievement of over 1,200 one star reviews, all written in less than 3 days. We made Yelp ridiculous in the face of the world. As of today, they are still there, removing, filtering, squeezing, and manipulating our reviews. Here is what they don't want you to see, but here is what you're going to see.

Even the few that thought that Yelp was a God are bending their knees in front of the power of the people. The Italians are not Gods, but you certainly shouldn't underestimate them. There is always that factor that sooner or later you have to face: Italians are f*cking crazy.

We beat Yelp at their own game. They use businesses as they please, and we use them as we please. We did it, and we will do it again when we feel like it, at their expense. They blocked our account but they can't stop us from using them in the Italian way. We have shown the world how a good laugh is worth a thousand lawyers. Apparently they are still confused about it.

Thanks for being our friends. Lets go back to enjoying our food and company.

They can take away our reviews, but they can't take away our FREEEEDOM!
Hours of Operation    Mon thru Fri - 11am to 8pm     Sat and Sun - 4pm to 8pm