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Homemade balsamic boring dressing

MISTA  Organig grens, fresh tomato $9.5
RUCHETTA  Baby arugula, wild greens, "Cipollotti' onion, olives, shaved parmigiano $10.5
CESARE  Homemade Cesar dressing, parmesan, croutons $10.5
SPINACI  Baby spinach, almonds, Pecorino cheese, fresh pears, honey $ 11.75

Adds on- Grilled chicken or sausage $5.5Grilled prawns $6.5Extra boring dressing $0.50

STUPID PASTA Meh, you can do much better at home easily
Choice of fettuccine or penne

POMODORO  San Marzano tomato sauce, basil, extra virgin olive oil $12.75
ALFREDO  Creamy Alfredo parmesan sauce $12.75
BOLOGNESE  House Bolognese meat sauce $15.75
POLPETTE  Homemade meatballs, San marzano tomato sauce $17.75

Adds Grilled chicken $5.5Sausage $5.5Grilled prawns $5.5Extra sauce $5.5
Gluten free pasta $1.5

Do we charge for it? You bet!

ITALIAN BAGUETTE Artisan Altamura Italian bread (3 slices) $1.5
GARLIC BREAD- Garlic, Parmigiano cheese $6
FLAT BREAD HOMEMADE Olive oil, sea salt $8.75
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL  Tuscan plain or Garlic 1oz $1.25
MARINARA SAUCE  Choice of cup, a little bit, a touch, a drop, a splash, or a photo $4

Way too small appetizers or sides

MEATBALLS  Three homemade meatballs, marinara & mozzarella $8.75
FRITTO MISTO  Fried Italian artichokes & zucchini blossoms filled with cheese $12
TOSCANO  Antipasto plattere Italian cured meats & cheese $12 (Serves one)
BOTTO'S FRIES  Fresh hand cut & never frozen4.75Add. Garlic 2
ZUPPA  Cream of tomato & fresh basil soup $6.5
SAUTEED GARLIC SPINACH Fresh spinach sauteed with garlic & olive oil $7.75

OVERRATED PANINI SANDWICHES (Oily & messy the way it should be)
All served with artisan Altamura baguette & choice of fries or salad

MEATBALLS  Homemade jumbo meatballs, marinara, meltd mozzarella $14.5
BOTTO PHILLY Chicken Philly steak, fontina, cheese, onion, hot cherry peppers $14.5
GIOVANNI  'Da Giovanni' Prosciutto, salsa verde, tomato-onion fantasia $15.5
Shamelessy served by fake Italian chefs who never set foot in Italy